Episode 26: Marcotics

Find out whose side Marcus takes in this war on drugs. Our party makes preparations. Our adventurers finally meet all four deputies. Marcus rendezvous with our favorite blacksmith in Ravengro. It’s time for a new story arc here on GOTA!!

Behind The Curtain 19

Philip and Zachary join Spencer and Tracy for an episode of discussion and theories. It’s a time for Spencer to find out exactly what the players are thinking, and what they think might happen in the future for our brave adventurers.

Episode 25: Visions Of The Past

Seated around a familiar table, our heroes call from the past, visions of past lives and moments all of them wish to keep buried. An ominous message is left in the wake of these visions, one that shakes our adventurers to their very core! The group is given an assignment, which some of them are hesitent to take. Parod feels the loss of his beloved Bessie, Artrilla speaks her mind, Min looks for the good in others, and Marcus leaves his intentions unclear, all in this exciting milestone of an episode!

Behind The Curtain 18

Philip claims the coveted co-host seat on this multi episode recap behind the curtain. Spencer explains his reasoning for certain actions during the party conflict. The boys discuss the horrors of the Allip and other terrifying creatures within the Pathfinder Bestiaries. And learn about the Pathfinder Society both within, and without gameplay.

Episode 24: Oh Well!

Standing within a diseased clearing, our heroes face off against something unholy and bound to this evil book. Can they set aside their differences and finish this quest they started to help their friend Kendra? Knowing what else might lie at the bottom of the well, can our heroes stomach the thought of retrieving it, and how will they all handle it? It’s time to fight a new monster in this exciting episode!

Behind The Curtain 17

The cast of Gathering Of The Ages travels to the distant land of West Jordan UT to speak with new and interesting people. Meet Chris Newhart, owner of Irie Coffee Teas and Bobas and camera man for Ghost Vlogs, as well as his wife Gwen, a real life psychic medium! They discuss their experiences with the paranormal. Meet a technologically advanced YouTuber from Techno Warriors Tv, Nick Bartel. And lastly, hear the voice of a dedicated listener and fan who made the drive to be a part of our LIVE episode!

Episode 23: You’re Tearing Me Apart Marcus!

Tensions reach an all time high between members of the party. Kendra ventures outside to aid our heroes in cleaning up her mess. Min lashes out unexpectedly. Marcus remains neutral. Artrilla speaks her mind. And Parod tries to remain the mediator. What horrors lurk at the bottom of this well? It is time to pay some debts on this exciting episode!

Behind The Curtain 16

Tracy and Spencer talk about the conflagration in the town hall and how Marcus became his true self, Fire Fighter Marcus! They talk about the importance of pacing in story telling, and how revealing a character’s backstory too soon can be detrimental. Spencer picks Tracy’s brain about Artrilla’s actions leading up to the fire, and how the outcome might affect the other party members.

Behind The Curtain 15

Let’s talk about the conclusion to the epic battle between our party and The Piper of Illmarsh. Learn from Tracy the worries of the players as they went into the second half of the battle not knowing what to expect. They disscuss character mindset in greater depth and try to decide what is going on inside Min’s head.

Episode 20: Harrowstone The Musical

On the top floor of Harrowstone our heroes face their toughest challenge yet! Artrilla comes face to face with her nightmare and must struggle to keep her composure in spite of this deadly challenge. The group must ban together and fight for their lives… and their sanity. The dead have risen, and it is time to silence them in this exciting episode!

Behind The Curtain 13

It’s time to talk Role Playing! Tracy and Spencer discuss and break down the major role playing moments of Episode 19. Tracy once again tries to get secrets out of Spencer to no avail. Spencer teases listeners with a big reveal within Episode 20!

Behind The Curtain 12

Tracy and Spencer take their lovely listeners on another journey behind the curtain. Join them as they discuss their favorite parts from episodes 17 and 18. Listen as Spencer asks Tracy her thoughts on certain key moments, and enjoy a nice little recap about the Harrowstone Five!

Behind The Curtain 9

When mom is away the boys will play! Tracy is out of town so Spencer is joined by a special guest during this peak behind the curtain. Philip and Spencer discuss the importance of team work during combat, and talk about the exciting new abilities on the horizon for our brave heroes.

Episode 11: Rest Dem Bones

It’s a fight to the death against two blood thirsty stirges! With the absence of Min, Sheriff Caeller steps into the ring to help our heroes! Marcus and Lyra set out on a quest of their own to retrieve the bones lost in the fire.